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[m68k] partial success but does not boot: 3.2~rc7


I have good and bad news: I got 3.2~rc7 compiled with some
patches, but it’s panicking.

I’ve attached a .tgz with the following content:

a) patches against (a git copy of) the linux-2.6 trunk SVN:

• patches/0001-distinguish-level-of-xz-compression-to-use-for-packa.patch

This is for waldi:

Use varying levels of xz compression for the packages, not always
dpkg-deb’s default of -6, and add a comment for what levels to use
once we can depend on dpkg-deb 1.16.2 after Guillem told me that
it will support -e (extreme). See #652636 for discussion. This was
primarily added here so I had a bit of speedup for building… change
to suit taste, then please commit.

• patches/0002-switch-m68k-to-gcc-4.6.patch

This is for debian-68k:

This is a tendency, our userspace was switched already. It builds,
but I have no idea whether this is a/the cause of it panicking.

Might be useful to commit, though, unless it _is_ the culprit.

• patches/0003-fix-the-aufs-pr_fmt-FTBFS-issue.patch

This is for bwh:

This is the same patch as I sent out in the mail to the AUFS thread
with mid <[🔎] Pine.BSM.4.64L.1201010113350.14351@herc.mirbsd.org> (the
second version, with #undef pr_fmt – the kernel was built with the
first version though, which only differs by generating cpp redefine
warnings, which don’t change the code).

The AUFS module builds, links, but I cannot test whether it loads,
since the kernel doesn’t come up.

Since Geert does not want my other patch, I suppose we’ll need it.

• patches/0004-fix-passing-CFLAGS_KERNEL-to-kbuild.patch

This is for debian-kernel (waldi, probably):

Fix the way a debian/*/defines 'cflags' is passed to kbuild.
Please do commit.

• patches/0005-use-cflags-ffreestanding-at-least-on-m68k-maybe-Clos.patch

This is for waldi and linux-m68k:

Your suggestion to use -ffreestanding indeed Closes: #648996
Please do commit. Depends on 0004.

• patches/0006-Bastian-Blank-do-not-error-out-when-kernel-wedge-ret.patch

This is _from_ waldi via IRC:

18:10⎜<mirabilos> kernel-wedge install-files 3.2.0-rc7
18:10⎜<mirabilos> could not find kernel image at /usr/share/kernel-wedge/commands/install-files line 103,
     ⎜    <KVERS> line 2.
18:11⎜<mirabilos> make[2]: *** [install-udeb_m68k] Error 2
18:11⎜«waldi» ich dachte die fehler werden ignoriert …#

19:03⎜<mirabilos> find: ebian/kernel-image-3.2.0-rc7-atari-di': No such file or directory
19:03⎜<mirabilos> kernel-image-3.2.0-rc7-atari-di will be empty
19:03⎜<mirabilos> find: ebian/nic-shared-modules-3.2.0-rc7-atari-di': No such file or directory
19:03⎜<mirabilos> nic-shared-modules-3.2.0-rc7-atari-di will be empty
19:03⎜<mirabilos> hrm.
19:03⎜<mirabilos> waldi, was ist da kaputt?
19:03⎜<mirabilos> ich wars nicht

I just wonder why this seems to have been needed in the first place.

18:50⎜<mirabilos> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1845989 Jan  1 18:32
     ⎜    /var/cache/pbuilder/build/cow.937/tmp/buildd/linux-2.6-3.2~rc7/debian/linux-image-3.2.0-rc7-atari/boo
     ⎜    t/vmlinuz-3.2.0-rc7-atari

$sourcedir wrong? $installedname wrong?

No idea whether this should be committed.

• patches/0007-defines-and-changelog-for-my-personal-testing-image.patch

This is for me, just included for the sake of completeness: when I
test-build (not for uploading), I run source and arch:all builds on
an amd64 domU sponsored by zigo, and only arch:any stuff on m68k,
for speed. I disable the amd64 debugging package and other stuff,
and m68k flavours except the one I need (atari) for my tests. It
also shows the changelog entry. It doesn’t show the regeneration
of generated files by d/rules clean.

• work and fail

This is for debian-68k, linux-68k and debian-kernel:

ARAnyM “console” output of a working (3.0) and failing (3.2) boot,
for your debugging pleasure. I can run arbitrary tests against the
failing kernel, as long as they’re limited to [LILO].Args or make
it boot ;-)

I can also provide the files on request:

-rw-r--r-- 1 pbuilder 1234 7951926 Jan  1 18:42 linux-image-3.2.0-rc7-atari_3.2~rc7-1~experimental.1tg1_m68k.deb
and linux-headers* and linux-libc-dev* which are less useful.

<ch> you introduced a merge commit        │<mika> % g rebase -i HEAD^^
<mika> sorry, no idea and rebasing just fscked │<mika> Segmentation
<ch> should have cloned into a clean repo      │  fault (core dumped)
<ch> if I rebase that now, it's really ugh     │<mika:#grml> wuahhhhhh

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