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Bug#627372: Console turns black during boot.


AlanKim Zimmerman wrote:

> BTW, I hope there is enough detail there. Seems the i915 debug info ended
> up empty, and the detailed dmesg seems to have junk.
> Not sure I have the will right now to reinstall the driver, shut down and
> reboot in the flaky mode.
> I will if required, though. Let me know.

Unfortunately the upstream bug seems to be stalled.  Do you have any
idea what happened to the error state?  E.g., was there any message
when trying to mount debugfs or trying to capture the error state with

Testing should be as simple as booting with the i915.modeset=1
parameter on the kernel command line (choose the kernel in grub, hit
"e" for detailed options, move to the line starting with "linux", and
you can add parameters to the end of the line and hit ctrl-x to boot)
--- no need to install the intel X driver again.  Does 3.2-rc7 from
experimental show the same symptoms?

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