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Bug#652459: Bug#652011: general: Repeated pattern of FHS violation: Dependencies of /sbin and /bin, belong in /lib

On Mon, 19 Dec 2011, Roger Leigh wrote:


Regarding the objections above, which are primarily concerned with the
creation of a non-generic initramfs, how does this alternative suggestion

- The addition of usr= options analogous to the root= options which
 permit the bootloader to specify the /usr filesystem to mount.  By
 default would do nothing, but grub could be updated to generate
 such options on systems with a separate /usr.

Nonsense, should come from /etc/fstab.

- We could also add an additional etc= option with the same semantics.

Something like this would be necessary to support separately mounted /etc, but I see that as a completely separate discussion. Also note that you would need to patch _all_ existing bootloaders for _all_ arches to automatically include that option in any generated config file (namely by parsing the one&only main config location which is /etc/fstab or possibly /etc/fstab.d).

Related issue: how to specify desired fsck options (such as FSCKFIX) for / and /etc, while /etc is not yet mounted.

Next, you'll be arguing that /etc/fstab should be moved to /. And /etc/default/rcS too.

Oh, and now that I'm at it, do we also have initramfs support for bootlogd? and keyboard-setup? and hwclockfirst? (Last two could be required for proper fsck on various arches.) Plus their config files.

Best regards,

Anne Bezemer

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