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Bug#650722: linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64: kernel BUG at mm/hugetlb.c:1986 while doing virsh save of a KVM guest

On Fri, 2011-12-02 at 11:50 +0100, Arnd Hannemann wrote:
> Package: linux-2.6
> Version: 2.6.32-38
> Severity: normal
> I'm using hugetlb memory for my KVM guests.
> When trying to save a guest state to a file with "virsh save" I hit the below kernel bug:

Did this occur only once, or is it reproducible?

Unfortunately, I can't find an upstream bug fix that's obviously related
to this.  (There has been a fix for a bug that caused the same assertion
to fail, but that bug was only introduced after Linux 2.6.32.)


Ben Hutchings
Absolutum obsoletum. (If it works, it's out of date.) - Stafford Beer

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