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Bug#594676: [giggzounetsmtp@googlemail.com: Re: Files Download Pb with the atl1c module and my ReadyNAS]

Forwarding with permission.
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Le jeudi 24 novembre 2011 à 00:42 -0600, Jonathan Nieder a écrit :
> Hi Guillaume,
> Ben Hutchings wrote:
> > On Sat, 2010-08-28 at 11:23 +0200, giggz wrote:
> >> I have an eeepc 1201n with debian stable lenny+backports. So I'm using
> >> the kernel 2.6.32-bpo.5-amd64. The Ethernet controller is driven by
> >> the module atl1c. I'm using firestarter as firewall.
> >>
> >> I have a file transfer problem between my NAS (readyNAS Duo from
> >> Netgear); 
> >>
> >> at first the symptoms:
> >> - with firestarter installed (stopped or in use) I can connect my
> >> eeepc to my NAS through FTP, CIFS or NFS. For example I can list or go
> >> through my shares. But when I'm trying to download a file it is sooooo
> >> slow. I get 12Ko in 10minutes...
> > [...]
> >
> > Does this firewall block ICMP?
> Ping.  Could you answer this?
> It would also be interesting to hear what kernel you use now, how it
> behaves, and whether you've learned anything else new in the meantime.
> Thanks for an interesting report.


On my LAN my routeur always forces the mtu of my laptops to 1492. I have
a laptop with debian sid and an eeepc with debian stable lenny. On this
LAN I have a NAS (readyNAS duo of Netgear). With my laptop with sid I
don't have any problem at all to upload/download file from my NAS with
ftp/cifs/NFS and with firestarter installed. But with my eeepc (with
ethernet atl1c) I get one:
- with firestarter installed
- with an mtu set to 1492
I can't download file from my NAS through ftp/cifs/NFS. But I can upload
without problem.

So I have a little bit researched on the problem:
- with mtu of 1500 on my eeepc the problem disappears. even firestarter
is installed.
- the net.ipv4.tcp_timestamps value ist set to 0 by firestarter. When I
force it to 1 it works out of the box even with an mtu of 1492.


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