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Bug#633526: vserver kernel breaks ssh public_key authentication on NFS

tags 633526 + patch
retitle 633526 NFS client uid/gid cache broken on VServer kernels

Herbert Poetzl wrote:

> we now understand the problem, and it was fixed for 
> 3.0.4 with the following patch: 
> http://vserver.13thfloor.at/ExperimentalT/delta-nfs-fix02.diff

I can confirm that this patch is fixing the issue. I have tested the patch on top of linux-2.6 2.6.32-37 on a production server
and we no longer experience the NFS uid/gid issue.

The issue can easily be tested by doing "ls -l $file" on a NFS mount. The values will show up correctly.
After "cat $file > /dev/null; ls -l $file" it will suddenly show wrong uid/gid values of: 4294967294/4294967294 (-2/-2)
Waiting for about 20 seconds "ls -l $file" will show again correct values. So the client cached values are clearly the problem.

I strongly recommend to include the patch into the next stable point release as this is major NFS regression from Debian Lenny.


Mirco 'meebey' Bauer

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