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Linux kernel version for wheezy

Given a freeze in June 2012, we will have a choice between these Linux
releases (with estimated dates):

3.2 (December 2011)
3.3 (March 2012)
3.4 (May/June 2012)

Some other distributions with long-term support will be using:

Oracle Linux 6:   2.6.32+ (RHEL-compatible), 2.6.39 (UEK)
RHEL 6:           2.6.32+
SLE11 SP2:        3.0
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS: 3.2

Mandriva and Slackware are supposed to have long-term support; should we
try to find out what they're doing?

Greg K-H will be supporting 3.0 and I believe there will also be a
3.0-rt longterm series.  However, this was far too early a release to
use in wheezy.

If we go with 3.2 then we can work with Ubuntu and someone from either
kernel team can run a longterm update series (Greg is happy for people
do this using much of the same kernel.org infrastructure).  But it's
still going to be a year or so old by the time we release (no worse than
for squeeze, but no better).

If we go with 3.3 or 3.4 then we can release with more features and have
less backporting work to do.  But we are also likely to get far less
help with bug fixing (including regression testing).  It is possible
that SUSE could use 3.4 for the next SLE service pack, but I doubt we
would know that until some time after our freeze date.


Ben Hutchings
Tomorrow will be cancelled due to lack of interest.

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