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Bug#647866: Network: Packages over hub via bnc not received

Because it seems to be a problem in driver mv643xx_eth I have now
analysed the source code.

For debug reason I disabled the error detection in the driver
                if ((cmd_sts & (RX_FIRST_DESC | RX_LAST_DESC |
                        != (RX_FIRST_DESC | RX_LAST_DESC))
and built the kernel again.

Now packages which come via hub and bnc cable will not dropped anymore
(as expected because check is disabled).
For the moment I can not determine, that anything does not work
concerning the network transmission.

I am not well versed in the code of this driver, but perhaps there is a
bug in the evaluation of the error status bits of cmd_sts or the error
bits itself ?

Best regards

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