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Bug#648754: suspend works, shutdown does not power off

found 648754 linux-2.6/3.1.0-1~experimental.1
reassign 648522 linux-2.6 linux-2.6/3.0.0-6
merge 648754 648522


Matthieu Dubuget wrote:

> I first asked acpid maintainer, but he tend to think that it could be a problem
> with the kernel itself (see bug #648522).

He was right --- this functionality is the kernel's responsibility.
Merging for easy reference.

> a "shutdown -h now"  command, the system halts but does never power off.
> I observed similar problem with an ubuntu live CD (11.10), but not with an
> older one (10.04).

Sounds like this is a regression.  Can you try the kernel from squeeze
or squeeze-proposed-updates, to confirm?

Please test without the nvidia and virtualbox drivers, so we can rule
those out as a cause (or track it down from that direction if one of
those turns out to be the cause).

Output of "dmesg" and of "acpidump" from immediately after booting
a working and a non-working kernel would be helpful, too.

Thanks and hope that helps,

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