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Bug#534545: linux-image-2.6.26-2-openvz-686: server is hangs on ?heavy? disk io on ocfs2

Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> Szabolcs Gyuris wrote:

>>> I use openvz on ocfs2 fs which is on drbd on sw mirror raid.
>>> Once or twice a day the server froze.
>>> I got a lot of:
>>> [116049.348676] (10868,0):dlmunlock_common: 128 ERROR: lockres F000000000000000028c8f0c0517267: Someone is calling dlmunlock while waiting for an ast!
> Thanks for catching this.  Are you still using ocfs2 on openvz,
> and if so, can you still reproduce these freezes?

Ping.  Do you still have access to a machine with this configuration?

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