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Bug#629259: ATI RADEON 9200 freezes on Squeeze with firmware-linux-nonfree

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Please attach output from

/usr/share/bug/xserver-xorg/script 3>&1

after rebooting in single-user mode after such a freeze.

Were you able to try that?  Any other news?

If life is just busy, that's fine.  Take your time.  But please do
let us know, so we can distinguish that from e.g. cases in which you
no longer have access to the hardware and there is no chance of this
eventually being understood and resulting in a bugfix.



I apologize for not answering, must haven't seen the previous reply.. Anyway, I had to switch back to windows :( I just didn't have enough time to play around with it :( However, there is one important thing which I think might be the reason of all this and that's an old graphic card (it was used for too long) and I think it started to fall apart (figuratively). I had luck to find exact the same card and replace it and since then I didn't encounter any problems, not even in windows. So my wild guess is that the faulty card was the reason of all that buggy behavior.

I'm thinking of switching back to debian again, to give it another shot, with this new/working card, and if I encounter the same problem, I'll reopen this bug report, ok?

Thanks for your answers and help so far.

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