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Bug#648477: ath9k wireless: frequent connection drops (TKIP MIC failure)

Christoph Wiedemann wrote:

> Tried it, but it looks like 2.6.32-39 doesn't recognize the chip

Thanks.  I should have remembered; sorry to waste your time.

(So I don't forget: commits squeeze is missing include

 - v2.6.38-rc1~476^2~169^2^2~53 (ath9k_hw: Define hw version macros
   for AR9485, 2010-12-06) .. v2.6.38-rc1~476^2~169^2^2~28 (ath9k: Add
   device id of AR9485 to pci table, 2010-12-06)

 - [v2.6.38-rc1~476^2~169^2^2~22 (ath9k_htc: Fix panic on FW download
   failure, 2010-12-07) doesn't seem to be related but should probably
   also go in the stable tree]

 - v2.6.38-rc1~476^2~14^2~3^2~62 (ath9k_hw: Fix bug in eeprom data
   length validation for AR9485, 2010-12-21)

 - v2.6.39-rc1~468^2~417^2~42 (ath9k: Fix a PLL hang issue observed
   with AR9485, 2011-01-27) .. v2.6.39-rc1~468^2~417^2~39 (ath9k_hw:
   Update PMU setting to improve ripple issue for AR9485, 2011-01-27)

 - v2.6.39-rc1~468^2~25^2^2~170 (ath9k_hw: Updates for AR9485 1.1
   chipsets, 2011-02-18) [wow, is the commit message unhelpful]
   and some other commits from the same merge

... and so on.  Grepping for AR9485 and for ath9k_hw should hopefully
find everything.)

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