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Bug#648466: Sound is unusable for 2.6.39+35.1~bpo+1 and 2.6.32+29 Powerbook3, 5

retitle 648466 [867 MHz powerbook] sound crackles when typing or using trackpad
tags 648466 + moreinfo


Steffen Hoenig wrote:

> Sound is crackling while just listening to music (e.G. with cmus or
> mplayer) in a somewhat arbitraty frequency but definitely is getting
> worse while typing or using the trackpad (both are adb attached
> devices - adbhid). Interestingly this is not the case using  my usb
> attached mouse, there is no additonal distortion noticable. snd-aoa
> doesn't work for me as well.

Please test with a 3.x kernel from sid or experimental.  Aside from
the kernel itself, the only packages from outside squeeze you should
need in order to test are linux-base and initramfs-tools.  (If this is
reproducible with a 3.x kernel, we can get help from upstream, and if
not and it is still reproducible with a squeeze kernel then we can try
to find which patch fixed it.)

It would also be useful to send output from "reportbug --template
linux-image-$(uname -r)", so we can get to know your hardware better
(what sound card and other peripherals this machine has, what drivers
are being used for them, and whether there are any warnings in the
kernel log).

Hope that helps,

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