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Bug#648388: linux-image-3.0.0-1-686-pae: BRCMSMAC causes soft kernel panics

On Thu, 2011-11-10 at 15:41 -0700, Robert LeBlanc wrote:
> I had been running Debian Squeeze for over a year on my HP Mini 5101 with the
> wl wireless driver. With the last kernel update (2.6.32+29) the wireless quit
> working.

When you say 'the wireless quit working', do you mean that the wl driver
would no longer load, or that it loaded but did not provide a working
network interface?

> I unstalled wl and tried using brcm8011, but it would kernel panic.
> After spending some time on it and seeing that quite of bit of progress was
> made on kernels after 2.6.32, I decided to reformat with Wheezy to get 3.0.0. I
> did not have any luck with 3.0.0 or the wl driver either. Using ndiswrapper
> causes a hard panic, but I'm interested in using brcmsmac because it is free
> and open. I compiled 3.2.0-rc1 to see if there was any progress and I still get
> soft panics.
> Here is the backtrace from the panic when I enable the wireless switch:
> Nov 10 14:31:27 leblanc-netbook kernel: [  678.852011] NMI backtrace for cpu 1
> [  126.375605] ------------[ cut here ]------------
> [  126.375643] WARNING: at /build/buildd-linux-2.6_3.0.0-3-i386-G7H4XL/linux-2.6-3.0.0/debian/build/source_i386_none/drivers/staging/brcm80211/brcmsmac/phy/wlc_phy_n.c:19680 wlc_phy_force_rfseq_nphy+0xc8/0xd0 [brcmsmac]()
> [  126.375655] Hardware name: HP Mini 5101
> [  126.375659] HW error in rf

These messages, together with the fact that neither of the other drivers
(wl or the Windows driver) work, suggest to me that there has been a
hardware failure.  It may just have coincided with the earlier kernel


Ben Hutchings
The program is absolutely right; therefore, the computer must be wrong.

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