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Bug#648310: pegasus: Pegasus driver in kernel 3.0.0-1-amd64 fails when using USB network adapter.


Matthew Goff wrote:

> Version: 3.0.0-3
> Please see fault in dmesg: pegasus 4-1:1.0: eth3: update_eth_regs_async, status -22
> Utilizing USB network adapter listed as follows: 07a6:0986 ADMtek, Inc. AN986 Pegasus Ethernet
> ifconfig, ethtool, etc allow configuration of the device but no data will
> actually pass through it. I turned down the other ethernet adapters on the
> machine and was unable to ping past the first directly connected host to the
> Pegasus adapter.

Thanks for reporting.

Is this a regression?  If so, what was the last working kernel version and
first broken one you found?  If not, has this card worked on any other OS

who never had trouble with his SMC 2202USB/ETH (EZ Connect USB) using
pegasus on lenny, but is not sure where that adaptor is now

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