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Bug#647866: Network: Packages over hub via bnc not received

On Wed, 2011-11-09 at 00:47 +0100, Hermann Secker wrote:
> Ben Hutchings wrote ..
> > > > Maybe the original firmware enables higher amplification for received
> > > > signals, so the network interface can properly decode weak signals.
> If so is this configurable under debian or is that someting to change in kernel?

It would need a change to the kernel.

> > > > What is the network driver and where is the source for the original
> > > > firmware?
> Because this is a small adapted linux the source code is not available I think (I do not have it).

It's illegal to sell Linux systems without providing or offering the
kernel source code, so it usually is available.  I eventually found it
at <http://www.pogoplug.com/developers-open-source.html>.

> Which network driver do you mean? The one which wokrs or the one which does not work?
> This is the info of the debian which does not work:
> root@debian:~# ethtool -i eth0
> driver: mv643xx_eth
> version: 1.4
> firmware-version: N/A
> bus-info: platform
> On system Dockstar (with original software) this tool is not available and I can not adapt it.
> > > That is not be the point. 
> > > I use this network for years with some linux and windows boxes.
> > > There must be a difference between Suse and Debian squeeze.
> > > If I use another linux computer in substitute for the dockstar at the same network
> > point
> > > the problem does not appear.
> >  
> > But then you have changed all the hardware, not just the distribution.
> > You cannot reasonably infer from that that the important difference is
> > the change of distribution.
> As I have written before if I start dockstar with original firmware (so I change only the "distribution" and not the hardware)
> routing over the hubs and the rg58 cable works.

OK, yes.  Unfortunately it appears that the original firmware does not
use a version of mv643xx_eth but a very different driver for this
hardware.  It is not possible for me to work out what is the important
difference between the two.

Can you test Linux 3.0 (from testing/unstable) on this system?  If that
has the same problem then I can ask the upstream developers to help.


Ben Hutchings
You can't have everything.  Where would you put it?

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