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Bug#641749: bug 641749 update


I've been successfully using a "pristine" 3.0.x kernel on the same
laptop atop Debian Squeeze (using the firmware-atheros packages from
backports and/or testing). I have no problems loading the AR3011
bluetooth module firmware and system restarts appropriately.

I started doing this since 3.0.6. It also works with 3.0.7 and the latest 3.0.8.

As a test, I created a Debian Live image on a USB stick with Debian
testing (and the latest kernel from Sid which is like ~3.0.7). I also
included the firmware-atheros and firmware-linux* packages. The system
boots fine, but it fails to load the atheros firmware!

I guess the problem does not reside in the kernel image package, nor
in the firmware(?!). I'm puzzled by this. What other packages contain
tools which are responsible for the loading of firmware?

To further confirm the problem, the newest Ubuntu (Live CD) 11.10 or
Xubuntu also fail to load the firmware. This releases uses kernel

I hope this helps in narrowing down the culprit.


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