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Bug#592662: cpufrequtils: Cannot set frequency range of policy to full hardware frequency range

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Nieder schrieb:
> Ben Hutchings wrote:
> >>> On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 10:35:15PM +0200, Steve Wolter wrote:
> >>>> When using cpufrequtils or the kernel interface to the acpi-cpufreq
> >>>> module on my VIA Eden 1.5 GHz CPU, I cannot set the frequency range
> >>>> for the governor to the full hardware range. Trying to do so produces
> >>>> weird frequency settings. Any of the two single frequencies offered
> >>>> by the hardware can be included in a range, but not both at once.
> [...]
> > Since you have reproduced this in Linux 2.6.35, please report this
> > upstream at <https://bugzilla.kernel.org> under product 'ACPI',
> > component 'Power-Processor'.  Let us know the bug number or URL so that
> > we can track it.
> So, now I'm in suspense.

I'm very sorry this took so long. I do appreciate your work.

> Did you report this upstream?  Did the
> problem stop happening with later kernels?

I didn't report this upstream. The problem did stop with a later kernel,
though I'm not sure when. I couldn't reproduce it with the currently
running stock Debian kernel 3.0.0-1-486.

> I'm also curious about one detail from the original report: was this
> the first time you tried this, or was it a regression?

Was the first time.

Thanks for your help and best regards, Steve Wolter

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