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Possible support for openvz also in the next version of stable

Hi kernel maintainers

I'm the maintainer of vzctl and vzquota in Debian and would like to bring
openvz kernel support up for discussion. I saw that a few of the openvz bugs
on the kernel have been closed with the reason that it is no longer supported
in wheezy. This is fully true and I do not object to the close of the reports.

What I would like to bring up for discussion is what would be required from
the openvz project to get back the support for openvz in the Debian kernel
again for the next stable release.

I'm quite sure that the openvz project is interested in supporting
this, so all I'm asking is what would be required from the openvz project.

My assumptions is that the following would be needed:
  1) A fully working patch for the kernel version that is planned for the
   next stable release. This is a quite obvious thing, but would of course
   be good to know what the next stable release is planned to be based on.
   If it is not known at this point it would be good with an indication.
  2) Someone to help with the kernel packaging of the patch. If no-one from
   the current kernel team volonteer to do that I guess I will be able to
   help with that. It should not be that hard to port the previous packaging
   for the last stable release to the latest version.
  3) Help with test of the openvz kernel. I do not have a problem to do that.
  4) Support with fixing problems, providing corrections. Here I hope to get
   help from the openvz project.

So my question to you all is if this is all that is needed or if there are
any more things that needs to be provided as well?

Thanks in advance,

// Ola

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