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Bug#640391: Test result

On Sat, Oct 08, 2011 at 10:40:01PM +0200, Bart Hartgers wrote:
> Does this new version make any difference? To confuse you, I did not
> include a version number in the filenames ;-).

Sorry for the delay in answering. Since my main 'scope has a video
problem which I don't want to exacerbate by running it, I dug out
an old serial protocol analyser and also an old digital storage
adaptor to use with a real time 'scope. It took a while to find
the manuals and refresh my memory on how they all worked.

However, I fear that neither of the test versions that you sent make any
difference. The UART end of the ark3116 continues to behave as if it is
"switched off", as you said.

I can't think of any sensible suggestions apart from porting the old
version to the new kernel essentially unchanged: which I am sure you
have already considered. And then incrementally change to the new
version. I can test the intermediate versions, and maybe pick up
the critical change. 

Unfortunately in about 1 week, I will be away from my instruments for
a time, perhaps up to a month. But I should still have email (dongle)
and the gps, so I could still test basic functionality.

I wish that I could be of more help:-( I could maybe hack around
with the source a bit trying to change register bits. I must have a
16450 datasheet somewhere which should help a bit with avoiding
messing up the "known" bits.


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