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Bug#568557: linux-image-2.6.32-2-amd64: keyboard and mouse lockup, system is still running (asus_atk0110?)


Adding the pcie_aspm=off option drastically reduced the number of
lockups I had, but they were still present.

I now switches to using a USB keyboard and mouse instead of PS/2 one
and I haven't had this issue any more. I guess this is a motherboard issue.

If I remember correctly I could still log in on the system using SSH.



On Fri, 30 Sep 2011, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

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Rik Theys wrote:
cteg wrote:

I hopefully found a workaround, this is working since hours,
keyboard and mouse seem stable now.
Its not enough just to rmmod the asus_atk0110 module.
I have to prevent loading it at all.
Done that and rebooted.
However, that is just a workaround. The real underlying problem
with this module is beyond me and the module maintainer.
Might be a hardware issue with my board.
I had a similar issue on Fedora 12 (and now 13), with the keyboard and mouse locking up but
the rest of the system OK.

The problem went away for me by adding the following kernel parameter to the grub


My motherboard is also an ASUS P7P55D-E.

cteg, does Rik's workaround work for you as well?  Have you been in
contact with the module maintainer, and if so can you send a link or
subject line for reference?  Rik, are you still able to reproduce this
(and either way, what kernel are you using now)?  Both, when you say
the rest of the system was OK, do you mean that e.g. you could ssh in
and use the system normally?

Thanks, both, and sorry for the slow reply.

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