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Bug#628676: firmware-nonfree: add ti-connectivity firmware

On Sun, 5 Jun 2011, Ben Hutchings wrote:

> This firmware has a very problematic licence.  It actually forbids
> anyone to download the firmware without agreeing to the licence.  We
> have no way to ask users whether they agree to this before even
> downloading the package. 

"Do not download this unless you intend to comply with its licence" is 
fairly much implicit in *anything* we distribute, isn't it? You only have 
permission to copy GPL software *if* you comply with its licence.

> David, I'm rather surprised you accepted firmware into linux-firmware
> with these terms, as it seems to mean that anyone cloning the repository
> is expected to accept them.

I *do* expect anyone cloning the repository to comply with the indivual 
licences for the components therein.


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