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Bug#628462: linux-2.6: reports impossible swap statistics for a process

reassign 628462 procps


Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:

> I'm not sure if the bug is in top or in linux. top reports that galeon
> (my web browser) uses 195GB of swap; that's far more swap than I have,
> so not possible.
> The only out of the ordinary thing I remember doing is hibernating and
> resuming several times.
> I attach just about every info from /proc/${PID}/ which I thought
> might be useful.

The attachment seems to be missing.  Anyway, reassigning to top; once
this is rephrased as "such-and-such item under /proc should say X, but
it says Y", please feel free to assign it back to the kernel again.

Thanks, and happy hacking.

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