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Bug#626021: linux-image-2.6.38-2-686: icebp (opcode 0xf1) no longer causing a SIGTRAP, breaks Wine

Austin English <austinenglish@gmail.com> writes:

>> So I think it's likely a problem in the wine selftest. I just can't find
>> my way in that code. The address of test_stage is supposed to match some
>> address given as argument to the test. But test_stage addr has not been
>> read before that happens, and it's a static var. How could it match anything.
>> Anyway, I'm definetly clueless there :)
> Alexandre?

The address of the variable is used to check if the child process was
loaded at the same address as the parent. This will generally be true
only for PE binaries. Anyway it's irrelevant to the icebp check.

Judging from the crash log the bug seems to be that we get a correct
single step exception but %eip in the signal context is pointing to the
icebp instruction instead of the following one.

Alexandre Julliard

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