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Bug#621803: mountkernfs.sh unconditionally mounts /run

On Mon, May 09, 2011 at 10:56:39PM +0200, chris h wrote:
> with initscripts 2.88dsf-13.5 from exp and initramfs-tools maks/run
> there's a new warning during boot:
> mount: can't find /run in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
> Apparently this is caused by mountkernfs.sh which assumes that it has
> the authority to mount /run (line 42).
> With the newer initramfs-tools /run gets moved by the initramfs' init,
> but this doesn't make it into the mtab, causing the warning.
> I'm unsure what the correct solution would be...

You need the patch from #621803 applying to the maks/run branch?
Or was this already applied?

This is possibly due to mountkernfs looking for the mount in fstab
and mtab and not finding it due to it being mounted as 'none' rather
than 'tmpfs' which causes the already-mounted tmpfs to not be
found.  The patch makes the initramfs use the same mount options
as initscripts, and hence not mount a second tmpfs on top of
the first.  This check is used for all filesystems (re)mounted
by mountkernfs/mountdevsubfs.  If you already applied the patch,
this is not the cause.

(By default, initscripts will mount /run if not already mounted by
the initramfs.  If already mounted, it remounts using the mount
options from /etc/fstab, if any.)

Alternatively, this could simply be because we haven't yet created
mtab at this point.  mount_noupdate is used to cause "-n" to be
passed to mount to avoid any mtab updates.  I'll double check on
my systems--I haven't seen this before when testing.  If the mtab
entry is correct after booting is complete, this is just a harmless
warning due to mtab not yet having been created.  The "-n" option
means no mtab updates, but it may still attempt to read it.

As soon as mount switches to a symlink for /etc/mtab, it will never
be out of date.

I'll take a look later tonight.


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