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Bug#626077: Debian testing couldn't see plugged peripherals devices after boot

Package: I don't know

Debian testing couldn't see plugged peripherals devices after boot.
For example couldn't work internal keyboard and touchpad in netbook
Acer Aspire One 521, but plugged after boot external keyboard and mice
work well. If external keyboard and mice plugged during Debian boot,
after start X session, their devices couldn't work too. But after
reconnect, their start work again. Also couldn't work internal
wireless network and network adapters and sound card.

How I install debian testing (steps to reproduse my bug):
1) Download this image:
2) Copy image to usb stick: dd
if=/home/mikhail/Загрузки/debian-testing-i386-CD-1.iso of=/dev/sdd
3) Install Debian testing with GNOME Desktop shell
4) After first boot internal keyboard  and touchpad couldnt work.

I am try using Debian GNU/Linux 6 testing, kernel 2.6.38-2-686

Best Regards,
Mike Gavrilov.

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