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Bug#625603: bug script does not work

Am Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011, 19:20:43 schrieb Luk Claes:
> On 05/04/2011 03:44 PM, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > Please select tags: (one at a time) [none]
> > Gathering additional data, this may take a while...
> > rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper: rpcinfo: RPC: Authentication error;
> > why = Client credential too weak The package bug script
> > /usr/share/bug/nfs-common/script exited with an error status (return
> > code = 256). Do you still want to file a report? [y|N|q|?]?
> Any reason why you don't allow connections from unpriviledged ports on
> localhost to portmapper? This might very well be related to the other
> bug you filed...

No. I was not aware that I did, but you are right, I had NFS services without 
LOCAL in /etc/hosts.allow. But now I changed it and even commented out the NFS 
entries from /etc/hosts.allow completely and it still does not work.

Now I just have:

shambhala:/etc> tail -8 hosts.allow     
ALL        : LOCAL
sshd       : ALL
#portmap    : LOCAL
#mountd     : LOCAL
#lockd      : LOCAL
#statd      : LOCAL
#rquotad    : LOCAL

Any hints where else to look?

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