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Bug#625217: xen-linux-system-2.6.32-5-xen-amd64: Heavy load on domU causes dom0 to run out of memory

On Mon, 2011-05-02 at 16:50 +0200, Sebastian Hofmann wrote:
> Package: xen-linux-system-2.6.32-5-xen-amd64
> Version: 2.6.32-31
> Severity: critical
> Justification: breaks the whole system
> Hi,
> I have 64 bit xen kernel from squeeze installed on a dual xeon
> maschine. Usually everything runs fine until it comes to heavy load on
> a domU with high I/O and memory consumption.
> This causes the dom0 to run out of memory and to kill several
> processes (see log below). As a consequence of this, the whole system
> becomes unusable.
> I tried several things like assign dedicated memory to dom0, disable
> balloning, increase scheduler domain weights and assigned dedicated
> CPUs to dom0 as described in 
> http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenBestPractices but had no success.
> I think a domU should never break the whole system, so this might be a
> bug. Please let me know if you need further information.

How much physical RAM is in the system and how much memory do you assign
to each domain?


Ben Hutchings
Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it makes it worse.

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