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Re: Bug#624443: udev: Device files for usb satnav (Windows CE 5.0 fat filesystem) no longer created: perhaps kernel/module bug.

reassign 624443 linux-2.6

On Apr 28, ael <law_ence.dev@ntlworld.com> wrote:

> Apr 28 13:54:11 precise kernel: [   91.941826] scsi scan: INQUIRY result too short (5), using 36
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Given the INQUIRY result too short above, this may not have anything to
> do with udev, but I am starting here just in case.

> While writing this report, I have noticed tracebacks that may be related
> in /var/log/messages which may have been triggered when I ran lshal.
You are not supposed to have hal installed on your system anymore, it is


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