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Bug#624794: Missing support for various storage and network devices

Package: linux-2.6
Version: 2.6.32-33
Severity: important

Since Linux 2.6.32 the following updates have been made to storage and
network drivers that might be used during installation.  The list is
based on the Kernel Newbies list and may be incomplete.  I have
excluded CAN and WAN drivers as unlikely to be useful, and SR-IOV VF
drivers as not necessary (they are a useful optimisation but we
already have PV networking drivers).  There are still some platform
drivers in the list that can probably be ignored as not useful in any
current kernel flavour.

I don't think we can cover all of these, even after excluding the
unused platform drivers.  So we'll need to prioritise.



3w-sas: new driver; already backported
hpsa: new driver (edd163687ea59f01d6b43c9e1fdaa0126fa30191); mostly
      redundant with cciss but also matches any
      HP RAID device (matches by class not device ID)
pm8001: new driver (dbf9bfe615717d1145f263c0049fe2328e6ed395)
vmw_pvscsi: new driver; already backported
bnx2i: add support for 5771E (5d9e1fa99c2a9a5977f5757f4e0fd02697c995c2)
megaraid_sas: add 'new megaraid SAS 2 controller'; already backported
mpt2sas: add support for SAS2208 (db27136a89d061bf9dceb28953a61a8ef862ca7f)
mvsas: add support for ASC-1045/1405 (7ec4ad0125db0222e397508c190b01c8f2b5f7cd)
octeon_mgmt: new driver; platform driver
wl1251: add support for PG11 chips (2c759e03b3b7639fff23ec3b7bab64a35ca0914f)
sfc: add support for SFC9000 family; already backported
rt2x00: add support for RT2800P/RT2800E family; probably redundant with
tg3: add support for 57765 (b703df6f628ab63eaa875232551b1f2f0503b9af) and
     5717 (5001e2f638011859c1351f9fe57ca4e545a15c47)
be2net: Add support for next generation of Bladeengine device
igb: add support for 82580 (55cac248caa4a5f181a11cd2f269a672bef3d3b5,
     2909c3f79d933b55bf2485addb1dca762210b6af) and 82576NS
mwl8k: add support for 88w8366 (4912545472d71e3dd546b18b397aec4c89fd7403)
sky2: add support for 88E8059, SK-9E21M; already backported
bnx2x: add support for BCM84823 (4f60dab113230943fb1bc7969053d9a1b6578339)
i2400m: add support for IWL6050 (7329012e673231dee9a21567cfb9881f5ea462ba)
e1000e: add support for 82567V-3 (9e135a2e6266eba276f33c404a2478499bc07ff5)
ixgbe: add support for 82599 X520-P2 (38ad1c8e8c8debf73b28543a3250a01f799f78ef)


pata_via: add support for VIA VX900 (4f1deba435ef75380c1d06fda860c7a15ea16fdf)
ata_piix: add support for Intel Cougar Point in IDE mode
ahci: add support for Intel Cougar Point in AHCI/RAID mode
be2iscsi: add support for BE3 (f98c96b0b6572b5491e954148509b20f08f31491)
hpsa: add device IDs for storageworks 1210m (f8b01eb9049113920f4eb2f944a0c713ce597673)
ipr: add device IDs for new hardware (d7b4627f5f3390a2f350f16c047b3fc3eccce6d8)
cxgb4: new driver
qlcnic: new driver; already backported
greth: new driver
ksz884x: new driver
smsc75xx: new driver
igb: add support for 82576 ET2 (b894fa2627e28c078740dc7041cd08c7e2c353ab)
rt73usb: add support for WLI-U2-H54HP (050e8a47dc8b056c880f380ffd01055669f8fe68)
fs_enet: add support for MPC512x (60ab4361adc188fb47da1c4892cc7a2bb621efef)
ar9170usb: add support for Sphairon Homelink 1202
ath9k: add support for AR2427; already backported
atl1c: add support for AR8151 and AR8152; already backported


qla2xxx: add support for ISP82XX support
ath5k: add support for newer AR9285 chipsets
ath9k: add support for AR9271 chipset (fb9987d0f748c983bb795a86f47522313f701a08)
       and AR9300 (db3cc53a2faea2da5730304af06a77d343f314a5)
ixgbe: add support for 82599 10GBASE-T device
igb: add support for I350 (d2ba2ed8fe3aa796a671a6922119d7171bb49515)
orinoco_usb: new driver
sky2: add support for XL revisions; Yukon EC_U rev B1 and later;
      already backported
qeth: support the new OSA CHPID types OSX and OSM
iwlwifi: add support for 6000g2 NIC
         (1780221141047c83c99f9d02b504700080cc35c9), 6000 Series 2x2 AGN Gen2
iw_cxgb4: new driver


sata_dwc_460ex: new driver; platform driver
pata_samsung_cf: new driver; platform driver
ath9k: add support for the AR9003 2.2 (7284635d2dbc0e055d14bc488c69f8c1d2822ae7)
       and AR7010 (b176286276f85e10e8ab3342730c5e39e1ce460b)
iwlwifi: enable 6000 and 6050 series Gen2 devices
atl1c: add support for AR8151 v2 (8f574b35f22fbb9b5e5f1d11ad6b55b6f35f4533);
       already backported?
phy/broadcom: Add 5241 support (7a938f80264f2cbfb0c0841b450eab42a8093281)
ks8842: Add Micrel KS8841/42 support (28bd620c7a1244e59459d6293ca11f162e0a67b9)
pxa168_eth: new driver; platform driver
phy/marvell: add 88ec048 support (3ff1c25927e3af61c6bf0e4ed959504058ae4565)
ipheth: add support for iPhone 4; already backported


ata_generic: add support for Intel IDE-R (60039a5295b3d82a48fe132c699987d2e1408675)
uas: new driver
carl9170: new driver
pch_gbe: new driver; probably not useful
bna: new driver
bnx2: add 57712 support (f2e0899f0f275cc3f5e9c9726178d7d0ac19b2db)
cx82310_eth: new driver
igb: Add support for DH89xxCC (308fb39a860c816be8741fe783ae7c64e9c1af5d)
cnic: Add support for 57712 device (ee87a82a28cddbb9267a294172ecb3d3d3bdaa6c)
cxgb4i: new driver


ath9k: add support for AR9485 (1435894dcd263fdbdd5e1ea2a684289dff187c34)
be2net: add support for Lancer (fe6d2a38b2076cba515dc95b5dc1589a7ab51c17)
e1000: add support for CE4100 (5377a4160bb65ee4dd11b4b1d081d86d56d92bff);
       probably not important
iwlagn: update PCI ID for 6000g2a series devices
        (fb30eaf38703d7562606e49a5872745d66366a50), update PCI ID for 6000g2b
        series devices (8b37d9f0a1e114a1c7f5082842fb310a81ea3732)
ixgbe: add support for x540 MAC (b93a22260f6f4bcf6c92c54de8530a97d3e921f0)
r8169: more 8168dp support (e6de30d63eb17c5cbb7affdfc71df95286bfa7d9)
rtl8192ce: new driver
rt2x00: Add initial support for RT3370/RT3390 devices
        (f93bc9b3ce379800b30b3c2f4fc945ae35a80039); not sure what to do
        with this
acard-ahci: new driver
megaraid_sas: Add 9565/9285 specific code

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