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Bug#619433: Follow-up


Just to inform that the bug has found a fix upstream
(commit 7bed50c5edf5cba8dd515a31191cbfb6065ddc85,
details can be found at

The fix has been included in linux-2.6 tree and is
waiting in the queue-2.6.38 subdirectory.

I am currently running a self built linux-2.6.38 image
with the above fix included, and it seems that the bug
did not touch any one but me (given my buggy bios). I
can now wait for next upload in Debian (next 2.6.38 if
any, or next 2.6.39 in experimental or unstable), so I
believe you can just close this bug without any further

Best regards and thank you for pointing me to the right

Pascal Dormeau

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