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Re: Chance for backporting these drivers for squeeze kernel?

Please write to debian kernel mailinglist,
this otherwise gets melted in an own personal mess of private mails..

On Wed, 02 Mar 2011, Don Rosa wrote:

> Thanks for the great work in the debian kernel.
> I think that there are 2 drivers that can be backported to squeeze
> kernel (2.6.32) without much risk / invasive work:
> 1. the "k10temp" module, which appeared in 2.6.33. It offers
> temperature monitor for all AMD cpus released in the last 4 years. It
> is a shame that the just released Squeeze is not able to do that.
> Squeeze userland (lm_sensors) already fully supports k10temp.

waldi did that, will happen for next stable update.
> 2. The ath3k driver for bluetooth, again appeared in 2.6.33. Many
> bluetooth devices in the last years use this. This driver is slightly
> more invasive as it injects firmware before it loads (extra blacklist
> entry in bluetooth usb driver). Also squeeze userland is ready for
> this. The ath3k firmware is already included in squeeze's
> atheros-firmware package.

please use reportbug and file a bugreport on linux-2.6,
I think this is still open.
yes we do backport drivers to stable.
(not oldstable this is deeply frozen beside important security stuff)
> These are just some suggestions, not requests. I think those drivers
> are not invasive changes (they are low-risk additions) and worth
> having them in an kernel update in case you and your team have time
> for this.
> Again, keep up the good work.

no trouble, we are happy to recieve feedback, thank you.


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