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Bug#614515: Same crash on two different laptop systems after resume with 2.6.37 from unstable


I'm having this same problem in my laptop (Samsung X360). At first I thought the problem was in the kernel but it works on console (both using echo mem... and pm-suspend). The problem is that sometimes, after resuming, the kernel oopses in the console and then, if I switch to VT7 (Xorg) the system freezes. Maybe the system is running in the background because there are some messages logged from NetworkManager, but I still need to try to SSH to my laptop when it is freezed. That said, I think the problem is in xserver-xorg-video-intel package (Xorg intel driver), and I saw there were an upgrade before begining the resume failures. Please, let me know if you find any fix to this issue.

I'm not subscribed to debian-kernel mailing list, please include my email in your (possible) responses. Thank you.


Pedro Martínez Juliá
Department of Communication and Information Engineering
Faculty of Computer Science
University of Murcia
Email: pedromj@um.es
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