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Bug#603229: Configuratin Information

> Since you are apparently running Linux 2.6.30, presumably this is a
> regression between 2.6.30 and 2.6.32?  Could you try an intermediate
> version from <http://snapshot.debian.org/package/linux-2.6/>?
> Also, please use the 'recovery mode' option in GRUB.  This will enable
> more verbose output from the kernel and might help to identify where
> kernel is hanging.

Well, this bug is arising, if i am trying to start the mill with the
last "official" squeeze kernel (2.6.32-5). The machine already was
crashing with 2.6.32-3, but i had not the time to investigate more
Since i am using the "native" nvidia drivers for my quadro-FX3000, i am
also experiencing the "nouveau"-console-problem. But this has been
solved by blacklisting the driver. With a little bit tweaking i got a
few crash-messages that i shall post soon (after having set up a serial
Utilizing 2.6.30-2 the mill is working flawlessly. In a few days
(probably Friday) i shall try some of the intermediate kernels.

I suppose, that the reason ist not the Gfx, but the special
configuration of this machine. It is a heavily loaded SUN w2100z with
two dual core opterons, two PCI-X busses, etc.
There is at least one machine that should experience the same type of
problems: The SUN w40z, which effectively is a server containing up to
four processors, but sharing the same architecture (chipset, I/O, etc).
Further there is an IBM-IntelliStation with nearly identical hardware.
(If someone wants to know i shall find out the exact type)
Perhaps someone owning one of those machines already is experiencing the
same problem.

I shall investigate more exactly soon ...

Best regards

Tilo Hacke

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