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Bug#584187: fans blow loud on powerpc64 kernel

re: http://bugs.debian.org/584187

i'm also seeing fans blow loudly on a powerpc64 machine (Apple Macintosh
G5 tower), with the latest squeeze kernel (2.6.32-27) -- but with this
machine, i can't even load windfarm_pm112.ko, i get an error.

i've tried loading each of the windfarm modules, and get the same error
for each one, with the exception of windfarm_pid.ko, which loads cleanly
but does not turn the fans off.

any thoughts of other things i could try to get the fans to slow down?
this machine is really loud with them on!  They don't turn on until the
machine has been running for a little while, or when the user uses the
CPU heavily.  But once they're on, they stay on until the machine is
shut down.


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