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Bug#600959: boot warnings too fast to read and not saved in any file nor dmesg

>>>>> "BH" == Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> writes:

BH> This looks the same as #561764, reported by... you.

I see. Anyways here's a little discovery I made. If it is not
technologically possible to put such messages in files like dmesg, then
at least they could be left on the screen:

On one of my computers, the desktop with the detached terminal, the
messages are still visible with ShiftPgUp. (In contrast to the laptops,
where the farthest as ShiftPgUp reaches is the swap message. I.e., the
first few items from /sbin/init to before /etc/rcS.d/S08checkroot.sh are
not in any logs nor left on the console still.)

Using a pencil from the desktop, I see they were roughly:
INIT: version 2.88 starting
Using Makefile ... runlevels
Starting hotplug...
Synthesizing hotplug...
Waiting for /dev ... fully pop...
And then the swap message, which is the first to be left on the top of
other consoles too.

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