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Bug#577747: linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64 - same bug, different HW

 Update: It's not in SSH/crypto but a network problem

I tried netcat over network and the file also got corrupted (5x OK, 1x
corrupt, 1GB file - former swap file, so half random data and half zeroes).
There are ~10 bytes corrupted in the middle of the file, very close
together (on one page in vbindiff) - so probably one packet/fragment/frame.
I also have tcpdump record of the whole connection - but nothing
apparently fishy there.

Right now I'm testing without netfilter enabled and so far so good (also
had to reboot so it might have "fixed" itself).
Memtest done without a problem via memtester on 75% of memory, proper
memtest86 will be done tonight.

Any suggestions where to go next? I'm thinking of making a 1GB plaintext
file so that the corruption will be readable and searchable in a data
stream and I can inspect the corrupted packets - but what to look for?


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