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alsa-firmware in firmware-linux-non-free package


I recently started discussion on pkg-alsa-devel mailing list that it would be nice have alsa-firmware package in Debian like other distro have (Ubuntu, 64Studio, Fedora, Arch linux).


This package bringing bunch of firmware for professional sound cards like RME's multiface and digiface
and many others. (emu, digigram, echoaudio etc.)
These firmwares are loaded by programs like hdsploader, vxloader and others which are part of alsa-firmware-loaders package, which is already in debian.
In discussion was noted that the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 has merged alsa-firmware into linux-firmware.
The question is, Should be alsa-firmware shipped in same way in Debian?


Thank you for your comments/suggestions

best regards


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