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On Thu, 2010-10-07 at 00:27 +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> > Can it be enabled in future Debian kernels?
> It will not be enabled.

Ben, this comment is poor communication, almost dismissive of my real
integration issues with the Debian kernels.

Why has this option been disabled in the first place?  Does it make
sense that this configuration change has made it to the lenny-backports
kernels?  Some insight into that would be far more useful and social
than your blanket, unjustified decree.

The "legacy" label should be treated with caution; legacy has an
implication - that there are some people who are depending on it to
work.  In this case, people who are using Debian on reasonably high-end
hardware, integrating it into production systems for real customers.
There is a pretty basic requirement here; we plug a disk into the system
and we want the system to pick it up.  Already, we have to install a
package which has a dozen unnecessary dependencies for this one shell

Please, spare a thought for users before turning off legacy
compatibility options in the kernel.  Systems need to work; legacy
options need deprecation cycles and testing before they can just be
removed, for the good of the Debian project as a whole.

Anyway, thank-you for your other comments, they were helpful and I will
log a bug against that package, and at least now I know where I need to
start reading about how to build a custom kernel.


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