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[PATCH] d-i manual: nuke references to kernel-img.conf

In squeeze it is no longer necessary or useful to generate or
to consult kernel-img.conf.

Thanks to the new bootloader policy, see:

Signed-off-by: maximilian attems <max@stro.at>
 manual/en/appendix/chroot-install.xml |   48 ---------------------------------
 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 48 deletions(-)

diff --git a/manual/en/appendix/chroot-install.xml b/manual/en/appendix/chroot-install.xml
index 9cfe387..9d28047 100644
--- a/manual/en/appendix/chroot-install.xml
+++ b/manual/en/appendix/chroot-install.xml
@@ -501,40 +501,12 @@ and a boot loader. Identify available pre-packaged kernels with:
-If you intend to use a pre-packaged kernel, you may want to create the
-configuration file <filename>/etc/kernel-img.conf</filename> before you
-do so. Here's an example file:
-# Kernel image management overrides
-# See kernel-img.conf(5) for details
-do_symlinks = yes
-relative_links = yes
-do_bootloader = yes
-do_bootfloppy = no
-do_initrd = yes
-link_in_boot = no
-For detailed information about this file and the various options, consult
-its man page which will be available after installing the
-<classname>kernel-package</classname> package. We recommend that you check
-that the values are appropriate for your system.
 Then install the kernel package of your choice using its package name.
 # aptitude install &kernelpackage;-<replaceable>&kernelversion;-arch-etc</replaceable>
-If you did not create a <filename>/etc/kernel-img.conf</filename> before
-installing a pre-packaged kernel, you may be asked some questions during
-its installation that refer to it.
@@ -594,26 +566,6 @@ initrd=/initrd.img
-</para><para arch="any-x86">
-Depending on which bootloader you selected, you can now make some
-additional changes in <filename>/etc/kernel-img.conf</filename>.
-</para><para arch="any-x86">
-For the <classname>grub</classname> bootloader, you should
-set the <literal>do_bootloader</literal> option to <quote>no</quote>.
-And to automatically update your <filename>/boot/grub/menu.lst</filename>
-on installation or removal of Debian kernels, add the following lines:
-postinst_hook = update-grub
-postrm_hook   = update-grub
-<phrase arch="x86">For the <classname>lilo</classname> bootloader, the value of
-<literal>do_bootloader</literal> needs to remain <quote>yes</quote>.</phrase>
 </para><para arch="powerpc">
 Check <userinput>man yaboot.conf</userinput> for instructions on

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