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Bug#597226: severity: Grave

On Sun, Oct 03, 2010 at 12:08:21PM -0300, Gilberto Segundo wrote:
> Hello.
> I tested without the nvidia driver and the problem continues to happen.
> I did 3 tests:
> 1 - With Nvidia driver installed and using nvidia driver
> 2 - With Nvidia driver installed but using nv driver instead of nvidia
> 3 - With nvidia drver uninstalled and using nv driver. The lsmod does not
> show nvidia modules loaded.
> In all tests, when I rebooted the system (I rebooted the system 13 times),
> no error occured, but when I shut down the computer and after turn it on,
> the problem occurs in 70% of times, more os less.
> I tried to reboot the system and shut down the computer before the grub show
> up, but doing this, the problem occurs in next boot.
> Do you have more suggestions?

did you try newer experimental linux-images?
if you can still reproduce with 2.6.36-rcX or 2.6.35, please inform upstream
ext4 devs and let us know the bug nr so that we can track it.

by the way nouveau is replacing nv.


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