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Bug#596767: nfs-kernel-server does not check the ucf registry for conflicting package, registrations.

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 07:22:30PM -0700, Dave Rawks wrote:
> >This situation can never arise among Debian packages, because Debian
> >policy stipulates that each configuration file has one and only one
> >owning package.  Supporting this for the benefit of third-party or local
> >packages sounds like a wishlist bug to me.

> Well, if the policy stipulates that only a single package can own a
> config file but /etc/exports is neither listed in the conffiles for
> the package AND it isn't registered with UCF then it seems that the
> package is non-compliant with that exact policy.

No, "owning package" does not require that the package register the config
file with ucf.  This policy also covers other non-conffile config files.

> To presume unique ownership of a configfile

That's not a presumption.  This is the Debian package that owns the config

> then to improperly mark it as such

Not improper.

> then to exercise a heavy handed overwrite only to provide example
> comments,

It overwrites it only because by running ucf, you've claimed here that the
contents of the exports file are pristine, i.e., that they're *not* local
modifications by the admin.  With appropriate uses of ucf, this would not
have been silently overwritten.

And nfs-kernel-server calling ucfr wouldn't have saved you from this anyway,
because the documented standard use of ucf is to call ucfr *after* calling
ucf; so a failure from ucfr would come too late to avoid updating

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