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Bug#596767: nfs-kernel-server does not check the ucf registry for conflicting package, registrations.

On Mon, 2010-09-13 at 14:38 -0700, Dave Rawks wrote:
> Package: nfs-kernel-server
> Version: 1:1.1.2-6lenny2
> Severity: important
>         In the maintaner scripts included in nfs-kernel-server ucf is
> used to detect whether the configfiles
> managed by the scripts have been changed via a local edit. However the
> postinst makes no inquiry against ucf
> regarding whether another package has registered itself with any of the
> files managed by nfs-kernel-server's
> scripts. As such if another package ships for instance /etc/exports AND
> also registers it's copy of the configfile
> with ucf then subsequent calls to the "upgrade" section of
> nfs-kernel-server's postinst script will result in
> nfs-nerkel-server's default version of the configfile clobbering the
> local copy even though ti is was
> properly registered with ucf as belonging to the other package.

It seems like we should register /etc/exports as belonging to
nfs-kernel-server.  However, nfs-kernel-server will not be coinstallable
with your other package since ucfr will fail.


Ben Hutchings
Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it makes it worse.

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