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Bug#596449: linux-image-2.6.32-5-openvz-amd64: kernel BUG/Oops [possibly due to aufs]


Some good news finally!  (But perhaps bad for some...)

I had some time to do a little more investigation myself into these kernel Oopses, and learned what 'drivers/staging' really means. I assumed it was to do with binary firmware, but of course it refers to a certain kernel module having been loaded from the 'drivers/staging' area for 'lower quality' code -- aufs.

I'd completely forgotten that OpenVZ VE 1003, running the PHP apps that appeared to trigger these crashes on my system, was on an aufs filesystem. I've run OpenVZ VEs on aufs filesystems in the past quite successfully on 2.6.26 kernels.

I tar'd and untar'd the VE into a non-aufs filesystem, disabled aufs by removing it from /etc/fstab, and booted back into 2.6.32-21. Happily I've so far been unable to reproduce the kernel BUG/Oopses that I was able to reproduce very reliably before.

The bad news is that the Debian Live folks could possibly suffer this issue. The kernel Oopses seem to refer to code that is used for shmfs. With OpenVZ there is an shmfs within each VE, and one of my VEs was running on an aufs mount, and I guess the crash has something to do with that. In a Live environment, I think shmfs is mounted on top of an aufs root filesystem, so I suspect this issue may arise in that situation, too.

I understand why this issue may need to be marked 'wontfix'.

Many thanks.

Steven Chamberlain

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