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Debian Squeeze Kernel incompatibility issue with Toshiba Satellite L650D notebook

Dear core developers of The Debian kernel,
    I would like to very kindly please You for an advice. I AM using Toshiba Satellite L650D laptop with The following technical specification:
Satellite L650D
BIOS version
AMD Turion(tm) II P520 Dual-Core Processor
It is 64 bit CPU. I Am not able to successfully load Debian Squeeze Linux distro. I AM experiencing error with kernel. The screen is full of The lines, which are containing The names of initiated kernel modules, such as ACPI. But system is not responding and operating system is unusable, only several kernel modules are being initialized.
I Am having those issues only with Debian Squeeze kernels, starting with Debian Alpha 1 from 13.3 and ending with latest awailable Debian Squeeze Alpha builds.
I Am not having those issues with Debian Lenny kernel version. I can not use Debian Squeeze 64 bit version too.
I Am experiencing those issues also with Ubuntu starting with The version 10.04 and ending with The latest daily or Beta builds of Ubuntu.
I AM also having those issues with PCLINUX OS 2010. So i think, that The problem is in HAL or in other kernel modules.
Would You tell me, what could be The cause? I can send You more diagnostics information, if You will write me how to reach those information.
I have 4 GB RAM awailable on my Toshiba laptop.
Any help is strictly welcomed.
Thank You very much for Yours advice.

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