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Bug#595521: i915: system locks up when starting X

On 09/04/2010 10:15 PM, Edward Allcutt wrote:
By "locks up" I mean:
  * Screen blanks
  * Unresponsive to network
  * Unresponsive to sysrq
  * No disk activity
  * No logs written to disk after that point in time

I have xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.12.0+legacy1-1 installed. Before rebooting
today I was previously running with this version of the X driver and the
previous version (2.6.32-20) of the kernel.

Hi Edward.
Unfortunately this is a common problem that i855 owners are facing: look at #595511.

Kernel-team: to me these two bugs could be merged.



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