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Bug#576274: More of the same

Hi there,

I just wanted to report further crashes with the current Squeeze kernel. Crashes happened after four pm-suspend and resume and about 4 hours of work. Log output as follows:
Machine still Thinkpad X41 with the Intel GMA900. All settings pretty much default.

Sep  1 15:10:44 voltaire kernel: [26256.852060] [drm:i915_hangcheck_elapsed] *ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... GPU hung
Sep  1 15:10:44 voltaire kernel: [26256.852073] render error detected, EIR: 0x00000000
Sep  1 15:10:44 voltaire kernel: [26256.852084] [drm:i915_do_wait_request] *ERROR* i915_do_wait_request returns -5 (awaiting 550888 at 550879)

(WW) intel(0): i830_uxa_prepare_access: bo map failed

Fatal server error:
Failed to submit batchbuffer: Input/output error

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