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Bug#593096: Battery discharge indicator no longer works in recent kernels

Package: linux-2.6
Version: 2.6.32-19
Severity: important


I have a Dell XPS M1210 laptop, which has a LED battery indicator. 
Previously, whenever the laptop was running out of battery, the 
battery LED would start blinking orange, giving some time to connect 
the power or do a graceful shutdown. Some time ago (unfortunately, I 
can't give the exact time, it feels like it might have been 2-3 months 
ago) this behavior has changed, and now the LED never warns about the 
battery running out. I already had a couple of accidents, where I 
would forget to connect it to power and laptop would die on me, 
leading to loss of unsaved work, etc.

I understand that it probably has something to do with ACPI subsystem, 
however I have very little clue on how all this stuff (ACPI, battery 
state notifications, activation of LEDs, etc) works together, so I 
would need some guidance to come up with good debugging info.

Jurij Smakov                                           jurij@wooyd.org
Key: http://www.wooyd.org/pgpkey/                      KeyID: C99E03CC

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