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Bug#584583: [PATCH] Additional fix for ipconfig

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On Tue, 10 Aug 2010, Julien-externe BLACHE wrote:

> Hi,
> Attached is a second patch for ipconfig, which further improves (actually, 
> restores) ipconfig's behaviour on busy LANs with UDP noise.
> Commit 4efbcf90f60e27febe883ef052454d8cfded5c15 really is the root of all 
> evil, it badly broke ipconfig by doing a lot of changes all over the place 
> that were not warranted and badly tested.

Indeed as mailinglist history show I had been sceptic to that monster
patch, but several users had pushed for it, see:
> After this commit, if a random UDP packet comes in before the expected 
> DHCP reply packet_recv() will exit with an error and the interface will be 
> sent into DEVST_ERROR instead of just ignoring this packet. On busy LANs, 
> ipconfig can go through this loop several times.
> JB.

as mika is currently on vacation after Debconf. I will look into the issue
and see if said patch resolves his testcase which is nicely layed out in

thank you for the patch.


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