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linux-2.6_2.6.35~rc4-1~experimental.1_multi.changes is NEW

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(new) linux-doc-2.6.35_2.6.35~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional doc
Linux kernel specific documentation for version 2.6.35
 This package provides the various README files and HTML documentation for
 the Linux kernel version 2.6.35.  Plenty of information, including the
 descriptions of various kernel subsystems, filesystems, driver-specific
 notes and the like.  Consult the file
 /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.35/Documentation/00-INDEX for the detailed
 description of the contents.
(new) linux-manual-2.6.35_2.6.35~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional doc
Linux kernel API manual pages for version 2.6.35
 This package provides the Kernel Hacker's Guide in the form of manual
 pages, describing the kernel API functions.  They are installed into
 section 9 of the manual.
 As the files containing manual pages for different kernel versions are
 installed in the same location, only one linux-manual package may be
 installed at a time.  The linux-doc package containing the documentation
 in other formats is free from such restriction.
(new) linux-patch-debian-2.6.35_2.6.35~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional kernel
Debian patches to version 2.6.35 of the Linux kernel
 This package includes the patches used to produce the prepackaged
 linux-source-2.6.35 package, as well as architecture-specific patches.
 Note that these patches do NOT apply against a pristine Linux 2.6.35
 kernel but only against the kernel tarball
 linux-2.6_2.6.35~rc4.orig.tar.gz from the Debian archive.
(new) linux-source-2.6.35_2.6.35~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional kernel
Linux kernel source for version 2.6.35 with Debian patches
 This package provides source code for the Linux kernel version 2.6.35.
 This source closely tracks official Linux kernel releases.  Debian's
 modifications to that source consist of security fixes, bug fixes, and
 features that have already been (or are believed to be) accepted by the
 upstream maintainers.
 If you wish to use this package to create a custom Linux kernel, then it
 is suggested that you investigate the package kernel-package, which has
 been designed to ease the task of creating kernel image packages.
(new) linux-support-2.6.35-rc4_2.6.35~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional devel
Support files for Linux 2.6.35-rc4
 This package provides support files for the Linux kernel build, e.g.
 scripts to handle ABI information and for generation of build system meta
Changes: linux-2.6 (2.6.35~rc4-1~experimental.1) experimental; urgency=low
  * New upstream snapshot
    - [hppa] clear floating point exception flag on SIGFPE signal
      (Closes: #559406)
    - Add mantis and hopper DVB drivers (Closes: #577264)
    - eeepc-laptop: Disable wireless hotplug on more models where the
      controller is not at the expected address (Closes: #576199)
    - qcserial: Add support for Qualcomm Gobi 2000 devices
      (Closes: #585661)
    - radeon: Fix MacBook Pro connector quirk (Closes: #585943)
    - r8169: Fix MDIO timing (Closes: #583139)
    - asix: fix setting mac address for AX88772 (Closes: #587580)
    - Update Marvell CESA (mv_cesa) driver (Closes: #585790):
  [ Ben Hutchings ]
  * ipr: add writeq definition if needed (Closes: #584840)
  * [mips] Fix boot from ATA hard drives (Closes: #584784):
    - Set io_map_base for several PCI bridges lacking it
    - Replace per-platform built-in IDE drivers with libata-based drivers
    - Enable BLK_DEV_SD as built-in on all platforms
  * Update Spanish debconf templates, thanks to Omar Campagne
    (Closes: #580538)
  * [powerpc] Enable pata_amd driver, replacing amd74xx
  * linux-base: Don't identify LVM2 PVs by UUID (Closes: #585852)
  * Move NEWS to linux-latest-2.6 (Closes: #586401)
  * 3c59x: Change locking to avoid use of disable_irq() (Closes: #586967)
  * Enable IPv6 support for IPVS (IP_VS_IPV6) (Closes: #584549)
  * linux-base: If the disk ID update process fails, give the user a
    chance to retry or change their answers (Closes: #585609)
  * ipv6: Clamp reported valid_lft to a minimum of 0 (Closes: #514644)
  * ipv6: Use interface max_desync_factor instead of static default
    (Closes: #514646)
  * [ia64, powerpc, sparc, x86] Enable KPROBES and KRETPROBES
    (Closes: #584130)
  * r8192s_usb: Fix various bugs:
    - Clean up in case of an error in module initialisation
    - Rename and remove proc directories correctly if an interface is
      not called wlan0 (Closes: #582972)
    - Correct device ID table (Closes: #584945, #587985)
  * [x86] Enable r8192u_usb driver
  * Add linux-tools-<version> package containing the perf tool
    (Closes: #548715)
  * Enable SERIAL_USB_TI (Closes: #588096) and SERIAL_USB_WHITEHEAT
  * [x86] Enable EDAC_I7CORE
  [ maximilian attems ]
  * Enable DRM_RADEON_KMS.
  [ Martin Michlmayr ]
  * OpenRD-Base: revert patch "allow SD/UART1 selection" since it
    never made it upstream.
  * ARM: update mach types.
  * Add support for OpenRD-Ultimate.
  * QNAP TS-11x/TS-21x: Add MPP44 (board ID).
  * Add support for the HP t5325 Thin Client.
  * m25p80: Add support for Macronix 25L8005.
  * [armel/kirkwood] Enable FB_XGI and FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE.
  * [armel] Make MOUSE_PS2 modular.
  * [armel] Build INPUT_UINPUT for all flavours.
  * [armel/kirkwood] Enable FB_UDL.
  * [armel] Disable PARPORT_PC (Closes: #588164)
  [ Bastian Blank ]
  * Disable mISDN support for NETJet cards. The driver binds a generic PCI
  * Disable ISDN4Linux drivers.

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